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"Here may no one be a stranger"
3800 East Genesee Street • Syracuse, NY 13214
Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am

Religious Education


Passing Along Our Values


May Memorial offers a full range of religious education worship and Sunday-morning programs for children and teens, as well as a variety of adult education opportunities.


The RE Committee page describes the program offerings for each grade level in detail.



All children and youth who will participate in Religious Education at May Memorial need to be registered into the program. The registration form provides us with contact and medical information, as well as permission for your child(ren) to to participate in the program and your photo release preferences.


Growing, Learning, Doing in Faith



It is our hope that each child or youth will grow in wisdom and maturity as they gain a deeper understanding of our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources.



We hope that our children and yours will learn about Unitarian Universalist identity and history, and that they will learn about other faith traditions in order to deepen their understanding of their own beliefs.



It is our hope that our program will provide a variety of hands-on experiences or social justice work for our children and youth. We often learn best by doing. As our children and youth “do” their faith, they will naturally grow in their faith and learn what their faith is.


There is a playfulness in childhood that is an expression of trust, hopefulness, and creativity—all things we hope to nurture here at May.

We also hope that the RE community is a place where families, parents and children can find a place of belonging.


May Memorial’s youth education programs are led by teams of volunteers from the congregation under the supervision of the Director of Religious Education Stacy Sceiford.


Our aim is to support natural curiosity and depth of discovery through various learning modalities:

  • What will I create in the world? How will we make something together? (art)
  • What role will I play? How will we act together? (dramatic play, enactment)
  • What does my body tell me about the world and its mystery? (chapel—yoga, gym—large muscle)
  • How do I know what I believe? (discussion-based activities)


For more information please get in touch with our Director of Religious Education.