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"Here may no one be a stranger"
3800 East Genesee Street • Syracuse, NY 13214
Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am

Art Gallery


Art Gallery Committee


The Art Gallery Committee plans monthly art or photography shows that are exhibited in the church's Social Hall from September through June. During February, church members present an annual show of art, photography and poetry. Members are Beverly Adams, Bob Burdick, Cynthia Carter, Lisa Harter, Kent Lindstrom, Hal Phillips, Steve Reiter, Sue Savion, Kristina Starowitz, and Pam Steele. Lynne Perry serves as chair. Her contact information is


Flowers and Fairies Fill

Our January Art Show


Beautiful flowers sprinkled with fairies will light up our Social Hall during the wintry month of January.


Our photographer for the month, Lisa Davis, lives with her husband on five acres of land outside of Fulton, where she is an enthusiastic nature lover and gardener who has always enjoyed taking pictures of the flowers she grew, then drying them and making them into arrangements.


Then, in 2004, she attended an art festival, and spoke with an artist who was using a flatbed scanner to take digital pictures. Lisa -- who, by then, was looking for a way to preserve her flowers without drying them -- was excited about this unique, and little known art form called scannography, and decided to try it herself.


Although it sounds a bit like medical imaging, it actually is a form of photography which scans objects that are laid on a glass plate. The images captured are then refined into graphic designs.


Lisa spent several years experimenting with scanner techniques, flower designs and a graphic arts program, before she felt she had perfected the craft, and began exhibiting her work at art shows and festivals throughout the state. "The scanner was my new venture into the world of art," she says.


One day, while deeply engrossed in capturing her pictures, she was amazed to see delicate wings, whimsical heads and fanciful clothing among the flowers she was photographing. Although they appear in her artwork, Lisa doesn't really believe in the winged creatures we read about in folklore. She does, however, believe that fairies may well exist as energies of nature.


Her photography attempts to capture the joy she feels about her gardens and nature. The fairies, she says, "seem to have come from Divine inspiration as a way to share their beauty and express the joy they bring."


Lisa will take part in a Meet the Artist program following the service on Sunday, January 7. Be sure to take the opportunity to speak with her about the scanning process she uses to create her artwork and the delightful experiences she has of seeing fairies in nature. 






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