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"Here may no one be a stranger"
3800 East Genesee Street • Syracuse, NY 13214
Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am



There are many ways to contribute at May Memorial!


Volunteers serve a vital role in forming and supporting our community.


Volunteers give their time for:


Click on any links above to learn more about how you can get involved!



Everyone has a talent, and we need yours.  From singing in the choir, to doing skilled repairs with the Building and Grounds Committee, to making a delicious dish for a First Sunday Luncheon, to leading Yoga classes for children or adults, to offering your professional services as part of our annual Goods and Services Auction or for our Fine Art Craft Show, your passion can make a big impact at May Memorial.  Check out our Commitees page for more information about where your talents will help most in our shared community.



MMUUS Stewardship

Another 50 Years of Changing Lives


May Memorial is our spiritual home, and our philanthropy is essential in order for us to continue serving our needs and those of the community.We all want to know that the money we donate is being used effectively and making a difference. While there are many ways to measure the value of our contributions, we believe the best way is to look closely at how our programs and spiritual community are changing lives.


How We Change Lives


  • A number of our members went to Haiti in 2013, and in 2014 our youth went to the Long Island shore to assist those who remain in distress after Hurricane Sandy.
  • One goal is to support these service trips so the participants don't have to raise money for their own expenses.  We can only do that when all our members and friends pledge and even increase their pledges from last year.
  • We can only support our society's leaders fairly so they can provide lifelong learning and inspire all of us in our UU values if all of us give from our hearts.
  • We can only empower children to have strong values, to feel empathy for others, to love and respect all life? Only with the help of our members and friends.



Capital Campaign Update

Many Thanks to Capital Campaign Donors


The very generous members of May Memorial continue to honor their pledges for our recent Capital Campaign. We have already seen the wonderful results of this giving.


Capital Improvements

  • There are no icicles hanging from our new roof and we are enjoying energy savings because of it. A win-win on that account.
  • Each Sunday we experience great comfort in the Sanctuary from our new pew cushions as we enjoy crystal clear sound from our state of the art sound system.
  • Three office computers have been replaced and the associated software updated for greater speed and efficiency.
  • All ten furnaces are now new energy efficient models.
  • Our new driveway is pothole free and our sidewalks are solid.
  • We have new lighting in the foyer and upstairs hallway.
  • The glazing in the cupola is brand new.
  •  The Kitchen  has new cabinets, stove and range hood.

 We are all caretakers of this beautiful building and the Society which calls it home. Thank you for your continued sharing of time and treasure.