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"Here may no one be a stranger"
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Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am

Public Relations


The Public Relations Committee is responsible for sharing information about May Memorial with the wider community and for facilitating communication within our congregation.


To publicize May Memorial Events, please fill out this document completely and send it as an attachment to at least three weeks before the date of the event.


Angled front view May Memorial


Our objective is to better share May Memorial's Vision and Mission with more people through print, radio, and social media (starting with facebook and instagram).


Here's the list of media outlets we contact to publicize events: 

Media Listing for Publicity.pdf


Our committee is chaired by John Percival. Other currently active members include Barbara Kamerance, Pilar Lyons, and Barbara Grisley Monsour. 


Please email us at

  • for more information,

  • if you'd like to get involved,

  • to submit a correction or comment about the website,

  • if there is an event at May Memorial you'd like help publicizing (please provide as much notice as possible), 

  • if there's an upcoming community event where you think May Memorial should be represented,

  • to be sure we are meeting at our regularly scheduled time, 9:00 A.M. on the second Sunday of each month in the Memorial Room! 

We look forward to hearing from you!


A view of the Memorial Garden


Our Charge

(How the MMUUS Operating Manual describes our committee)

  • Purpose: The Public Relations committee oversees all aspects of internal and external communications.
  • Responsibilities: These activities include managing the website, publicizing special events, placing ads in the media, publishing the newsletter, creating program brochures, improving building signage, and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees to strengthen our communications procedures.


FY2015 Annual Report

Submitted by Anton Ninno

The Public Relations Committee members are Pilar Lyons, Pete Shambo, and Anton Ninno, chair. Our focus this year has been to rebuild the May Memorial website. It is now up and running. To make this new website as efficient, effective, and user-friendly as possible, it was built to allow staff and volunteers to have their own user-IDs and passwords. They can now edit and immediately update the pages that are relevant to their work at May. Committee chairs and staff were trained on the simple log-on procedures and basic webpage-editing tools. This training will continue as needs are expressed. More complex requests, such as adding a new webpage for a special event, will be met through future contracts with our professional web design consultant. Going forward, the committee is available to assist May volunteers with any other public relations tasks. For the next program year, we will be working to integrate all communications collateral in an effort to further our organizational goals. Those tools may include advertising, social media, and printed material, as the MMUUS budget allows. Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions. We welcome your input, and will happy to add new members to the committee at any time.