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"Here may no one be a stranger"
3800 East Genesee Street • Syracuse, NY 13214
Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am

Memorial Garden


The Memorial Garden Committee oversees the development, maintenance and operation of the Memorial Garden, Memorial Garden Pavilion and the management of the Memorial Garden Fund.

memorial garden           


The Memorial Garden is located to the northwest of May Memorial.

memorial garden



  1. Develop and administer policies and procedures for the general use of the Memorial Garden and Memorial Garden Pavilion.
  2. Develop and administer policies and procedures for scattering or placement of ashes, memorialization (Memory Book, Memory Plaque) in the Memorial Garden 
  3. Oversee and manage the general operation of the Memorial Garden, including its maintenance, planning for future development and management of the Memorial Garden Fund.


2014-2015 Annual Report


The Memorial Garden Committee arranged with families for the placements of cremains of three individuals. They were William G. Hoefer in August, Marjorie Hinton, in August, and James Napierski, in October. Their names were also placed on the memorial plaque in the Worship Hall.


Repairs were made to the water hose stored on the patio area. Both ends of the system were damaged over the winter and required replacements.


In the fall of 2014, Randy Archambault placed plant material around the perimeter of the pavilion. They appear to have survived the harsh winter- and the deer. More plantings are anticipated this spring in the area where an old tree was taken down.

Pavilion Maintenance

Re-staining of the pavilion is anticipated. Following a major rainstorm, causing the overflow of Meadowbrook and flooding of the area, silt deposits accumulate in the pavilion and have to be removed before it 'cakes' on the surfaces. This can occur three to four times a season. The most recent occurrence awaits attention.

Many thanks to Randy Archambault, co-committee person, Robert Burdick, and Kent Lindstrom, who have been generous with their time as needed, and members of the Building & Grounds Committee who have assisted with heavier duty requests for help.